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Mickey Wakefield somewhere in Austria
Mickey Wakefield somewhere in Austria

Mickey Wakefield is an American living in Munich Germany who spends all his free time skiing, herding kids and recovering from injuries. He is not a pro skier and is not sponsored by an energy drink.



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  1. Heu Mickey, can you ad a photo credit link to the image of ours you are using in your latest article. No worries about using it but just good to get credit where credit is due!!

  2. Heading to Corvara/Alta Badia tonight. Found your blog through Wild Snow. You have any tips for freeriding or touring in this really bad snow year? A local guide told me to leave the back-country gear at home. I’m bringing skins to get a workout even if it’s at the resort. Cheers.

    1. I’m afraid your guide is right. No snow really yet. Lots of brown. But the pistes are ok. You can tour them if that’s your thing, but I’d as soon enjoy the apres down there. Have fun!

  3. Hi Mickey, are you still living around Munich? I used to live in Stuttgart for 7 years (moved there to ski but left in 2017) and I’m going to spend this winter ski bumming across the alps. I imagine you’ve got plenty of good ski partners now, but I’ll be pretty flexible and would love to ski with you (or just buy you a beer and pick your brain) if you’re still around. Seems like a lot of our ski touring/aprés philosophies lined up when we were both posting on wildsnow. (My handle was JCoates). Let me know. Thanks and Daumen drücken for the season.

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